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Disney’s New Wreck-it-Ralph Movie Makes Princess Tiana Light-skinned
The New iPhones: Are they worth the cost?
The Death of A Musician: A Musical Tragedy
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Aytana Martinez
Aytana Martinez


Aytana Martinez is an 8th grader in the STEAM Magnet program at Dana middle School. Aytana has one sister that goes to Dana. Aytana’s hobbies are to horseback ride, watch Grey's Anatomy, play soccer, an...

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Bryana Sirisute-Popejoy
Bryana Sirisute-Popejoy

Social Media Manager

Bryana Sirisute-Popejoy is a current 7th grade student in the Dana Middle School STEAM Magnet program. Before attending Dana Middle School, she went to South Shores Elementary School. Outside of school, ...

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Isaac Sharp
Isaac Sharp

Senior Staff Writer

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