Dana’s Band Fam: When Band Becomes Family


Izamar Flores, Features Editor

The Dana Middle School Senior Band is a family unto its own. Dana’s band is very dedicated and love what they do. With a room full of 100 + trophies and a bunch of dynamic 7th and 8th graders, these students deserve recognition. 

2015 7th Grade band students practicing in main building hallway Credit: Richard Henry Dana Middle School’s facebook page

The band room is surrounded by trophies of all shapes and sizes with most as tall or taller than the students themselves. The band has traveled throughout California to perform at Disneyland and Disney’s California Adventure while piling up trophies along the way and representing LAUSD. With the band’s consistent success and with trophy counts rising every year, this is proof that the dana marching band is both amazing and phenomenal.

Dana’s marching band and drill team at San Pedro’s football game Credit: Richard Henry Dana Middle School’s facebook page.

It’s almost hard to believe this program started with just some instruments and a very passionate teacher, Efrain Nava. With the help of Mr. Nava this band has turned into this huge family over the past years, especially when Nava first took over as the band director in the fall of 1999 and the band started competing in 2006. Now they are a full blown competition-ready marching band.

Many students do consider band their family.

8th grader, Daizy De La Cruz plays the clarinet for the band. De La Cruz says, “if I had to choose between my real family and my band fam, I would not be able to choose between them as they are both equally as important to me.”

Another 8th grade student  Ariana De-Santiago says,  “I love being able to hang out with my “family”at the amusement parks we go to.”

To many students, band is more than just an elective or extra-curricular, band is like a family.