Controversial Cover: Twenty One Pilots and My Chemical Romance

Twenty One Pilots Releases a cover of My Chemical Romance's "Cancer" causes a feud between some fans.


Fandom Vs. Fandom

Kelly Yoshimura, News Editor

Twenty One Pilots released a cover of My Chemical Romance’s “Cancer” on September 14 which has sparked a lot of controversy among MCR fans and Twenty One Pilot fans over the past couple of weeks.

My Chemical Romance

              My Chemical Romance

After a short segment of the song released a video of Tyler Joseph singing the song as a teaser for the full song, TøP fans have been anxious to see the cover, while MCR fans are upset and angry about the release, saying it will “ruin the original.”

The difference between both versions is anything but subtle and that is why it is becoming such a debatable song.

One version of the song is mellow and focuses more on the emotional side of the song, since the song is about what goes through a cancer patient’s mind when they know they are about to die (Twenty One Pilots) and the other is more instrumental and fast paced.

Twenty One Pilots

Twenty One Pilots 

A long time, My Chemical Romance fan says “I love the Twenty One Pilots cover better than the original because this version is more heartfelt,” while another states, “I love both versions, but nothing can beat the original.”

Both groups of fans have started an argument over the past month about this cover song. However, they both are emotional and share a strong message especially being released a couple of weeks before October, breast cancer awareness month.