Staff Spotlight: Ms. April Rodriguez


Destiny Mitchell, Entertainment Editor

April Rodriguez is a well-liked staff member here at Dana Middle School. April has worked at Dana for the past 8 years. April loves working with the kids at Dana she says “its just random moments when I have individual talks or when kids will approach me and tell me how their weekend was that makes this job so worth it.”

April doesn’t know where she would be if she wasn’t working at Dana, maybe touring with her favorite band but she says, “this is my comfort zone, I’m very thankful because I love what I do”.

Even though April has to be stern with the students at times, she feels that they respect her because she respects them back. What also helps April build positive relationships with students is that she is very relatable and has a straight-forward way of speaking to students.

April loves listening to rock music, that’s her favorite kind of music, but she has to admit that there are a few One Direction songs that make her feel happy, she doesn’t know why but she thinks they’re pretty good songs.

Did you know that April’s first job was at Little Ceasars Pizza? You would have never thought. She’s proud to say that mostly every job she’s worked at she was there for 3-4 years. April also worked at Starbucks before Dana for about 6 years.

After that she went on tour with her favorite band, The Used. She’s traveled with them mostly everywhere in the states and in the U.K. She also travelled with them to Paris, Rome, Japan, Canada, to name a few. She says that the band really helped her when her mom passed and the song “Bury Myself Alive” was one the songs that she would have on replay.

In the end April really loves her job. She loves working with kids and just even talking to them can make her day. “Do your best, don’t take school for granted” she advises students. Maybe we should listen.