DIY Halloween Costumes


Destiny Mitchell, Entertainment Editor

I don’t know about you guys but I’m very excited for Halloween. It’s the only day you get to dress up as something your not. Sometimes it’s really hard to find a Halloween costume that is just perfect for you, and one that won’t violate the school dress-code. So, here’s a few costumes that maybe you’d like, and are appropriate for school.

Snapchat Butterfly Filter


Here’s a fun halloween costume that is unique. This will also be fun and exciting to make.

Materials: crown headband, silver string, some sort of gold butterflies, hot glue (glue gun), highlighter (optional)

Snapchat Rainbow Vomit


Now this one is one of my favorites. Maybe if your costume isn’t appropriate for school and you want an easy but fun idea this is your one!    Materials: face paint, white eyeliner

Beanie Baby


This is a costume that you can do alone but could also do as a group, and will keep you warm.

Materials: onesie (any animal of some sort), red cardboard paper, white marker, or white cardboard paper

Skeleton Costume 


This is halloween costume this appropriate for guys but also for girls.

Materials: White and Black face paint, and any sort of black clothing

Stranger Things Eleven Costume


This is probably one of my all time favorites. This one is for all you Stranger Things fans.

Materials: Blue bomber jacket, pink dress, long socks, white shoes, if your feeling a little extra a box of eggo waffles