Staff Spotlight: Get to Know Mr. Nesbitt

Annalisa Banuelos, Editor-in-Chief

Mr. Nesbitt, also known as Mr. Nesbitto, to some students, is a STEAM teacher at Dana Middle School and is also the Robotics teacher for the after school Robotics Club. He is the teacher for the Exploration Science elective as well. Mr. Nesbitt has been teaching at Dana for seven years but before that was teaching for Fleming Middle School as an 8th grade Science teacher.

“I love my job, and I care about my students and I want them to have the best education as possible.”

In college, Mr.Nesbitt was able to go camping, to Hawaii, and the Grand Canyon to be able to study Earth Science while earning his Geology degree at UCLA. During his free time, he hangs out with his friends, his two kids, and plays his guitar.

Advice that he would give to students at Dana is “Do your best and discover what you are good at and try to do things that you enjoy.”

Mr.Nesbitt loves teaching things that have real-world applications, “I enjoy the freedom of being able to run my class the best way I can. Making my class the best class. I really try to make all of the lessons that I teach and the projects that we do not only engaging but also like they’re real. You’re not just studying engineering out of a book or on a website. You then test it out all the time and try to make it happen and try to bring in activities that are unique such as the Underwater Robotics and Robotics. Those are special.” Some of the projects that students do each year are straw towers, mousetrap vehicle, and also a soda bottle rocket.

Mr.Nesbitt guides and mentors the Robotics team into designing and building robots to compete with other schools. The after school team has been investing more time on their VEX robots and UROV’s.

In his classroom, you’ll never get bored. Mr.Nesbitt stated “kids try different approaches every year. There is always a different answer to the problem if they figure it out.”