Meet Ms.Centofanti: An Artist and a Traveler

Meet Ms.Centofanti: An Artist and a Traveler

Kelly Yoshimura, News Editor

Ms. Centofanti is an art teacher at Dana Middle School and has taught here for 14 years. In total, she’s been a teacher for 17 years! Although she has lived in San Bernardino most of her life, she still loves Dana and San Pedro’s community-like atmosphere, as well as teaching so many students with imaginative minds and creativity.

Ms. Centofanti’s favorite thing about teaching art is helping get out the creativity students possess within themselves and “working with kids.”


Art done by students.


Besides art and painting in watercolors, she loves to write, sew, or anything creative in general. Even when she was younger, she drew and did creative things such as painting and sewing. Her favorite way to create art is in watercolors and acrylics. She prefers to draw realistic artworks.

Her inspiration is her older sister with whom she would always compete against. She and her sister are both creative and love to do anything that involves imagination, so as a young girl, Ms. Centofanti was always surrounded by artistic influences. But, besides human inspirations, she has found that going out and being involved in different cultures like Italy, Greece, and some of Asia, can really change the way an artist looks at the world. China is still on her bucket list to visit and gain inspiration from.

The greatest thing that she wants her students to get out of her class is, “There is no end to being creative,” and she certainly lives up to that standard.

Ms. Centofanti wants to let her students know that she is always there for them and she cares about all of her students. She loves her students, San Pedro, and the creativity and imagination that her students bring everyday.