Staff Spotlight: Get to know Mrs.Russell


Edith Gonzalez, Staff Writer

Mrs.Russell is a PE teacher here at Dana Middle School and has been teaching for 24 years now. She has been happily married to her husband whom she met at Cal State Long Beach for 21 years and has 2 kids, a 19 year old in college and a 17 year old in high school.

She enjoys watching football and watching her daughter play softball. She also enjoys working out at the gym, going for walks in her free time, and reading Harry Potter, one of her favorite book series.

Mrs. Russell considers herself as a quiet person until you really get to know her but people often think she’s mean, “because I’m in the teacher world, I have to be a little bit louder and bring down the hammer if it needs to be brought down, I’m just a strict teacher.”

The most rewarding thing for Mrs.Russell about being a PE teacher is the fact that she gets to wake up in the morning, come to school, and teach a student a new skill everyday. “Most of the kids here are pretty great.” However, she says there’s always going to be a group of kids that just don’t listen or follow directions.

At the end of the day, Mrs. Russell is glad she teaches here at Dana, “I like my kids, I like the kids here, and most of the people I work with are great.”

Mrs. Russell advises all students here at Dana that “Even when it seems like you’re not going to pass a class, ask yourself, what did you learn, what are you going to change to be different, and did you try your hardest.”