Staff Spotlight: Get to Know Mrs. DiLeva

Debora Cortes, Staff Writer

Mrs. Di Leva is a physical education teacher here at Dana Middle School. She has been teaching for 12 years now but this is her first year teaching at Dana.

Mrs. Di Leva has been married for 11 years, she doesn’t have any kids but as she states “I look at my students as if they were my own kids.”

In her free time, Ms. Di Leva enjoys running, traveling, going to the beach as well as being with her family. She is a very happy and joyful person,”I believe that life is too short and there are times to be serious and times to just have a laugh.” Many things make her laugh and smile such as seeing one of her students achieve a goal.

Mrs. Di Leva wanted to become a physical education teacher because her middle school teacher was an inspiration to her. In addition as she states “I want students to remember P.E. as a fun and exciting experience.”

For college, Mrs. Di Leva got a scholarship to attend Cal State University, Dominguez Hills. She has a Kinesiology degree and had to take some difficult classes and experienced many experiences for 2 years to have that degree.

If Mrs. Di Leva wasn’t a physical education teacher she would be either a physical therapist because she learned so much about the human body, or she would be a photographer because she loves traveling and taking pictures.

Mrs. Di Leva attended Dodson Middle School for 7th, 8th, and 9th grade. What she is most excited about teaching here at Dana is “I love giving back to the community I grew up and live in.” What she enjoys most about teaching here at Dana as she states “I love being with kids and being outdoors.”

Before teaching here at Dana, Mrs. Di Leva taught at Huntington High School. Some differences she notices are that middle school students enjoy doing activities and competitions. “Middle school students will want to play games, run, participate, and have more motivation to do fun things.”

Mrs. Di Leva would like students to enjoy their classes, have fun and enjoy Dana as much as possible. The advice she would like students to know as she states “don’t get involved in the drama the ‘he said she said’ problems, avoid them, and respect your teachers.”