Staff Spotlight: Get to Know Mrs. Meehan


Izamar Flores, Staff Writer

Robynn Meehan is an 8th grade STEAM Magnet, Physical Science teacher here at Dana Middle School. She has been married to Mr. Meehan (also a teacher here) for 13 years and has three children, one of which is a 7th grader here at Dana.

She has been a teacher at LAUSD for over 17 years now and she has a degree in physics from UCLA.

Since she was a kid, she knew she wanted to do something related to science and math. She initially wanted to be an astronaut, but she says after the Challenger blew up, she was a little discouraged.

Ms Meehan’s favorite hobbies include shopping and eating. “I just love food, a lot! I love food in general,” she says.  She likes to go out, shop, and spend spend time with family to relieve some stress from grading papers which she says is the most stressful thing about teaching, “you have to do it but it is time consuming and planning is really hard.”

One pet peeve she has is work ethic. When someone doesn’t appreciate someone else’s hard work or when someone just doesn’t work hard in general; this is something that really bothers her.

She says the best part about teaching is when a student comes back and tells her that she was hard on them, but they learned a lot, or that she inspired them in some way. One of the best compliments she has ever received by a student was when the student came back and told her she taught her about life not just science.