Staff Spotlight: The History of Ms.Bueno-Hill

Staff Spotlight: The History of Ms.Bueno-Hill

Ruby Ruetmann, Staff Writer

Ms.Bueno-Hill is an 8th grade History teacher here at Dana Middle School. She’s been teaching History to students for 13 years.

Cheryl Bueno-Hill attended University of California, Irvine for a year and a half and California State University, Dominguez Hills for the remaining time of her college education. Ms. Bueno-Hill has received many awards such as honor roll for all of her years in high school and in college, perfect attendance, and an award for “most inspirational.”

Some of her pet peeves are lying and when people don’t try their best. Her favorite food consists of her mother’s home-cooked Filipino food. She enjoys watching sports and working out at the gym.Ms. Bueno-Hill is a loving wife and mother of three kids and a dog owner.

At one point in her life, Ms.Bueno-Hill, rapped a song. She went into a studio and recorded a song but, she didn’t like being a part of the musical lifestyle. She says, “I originally just started to write raps because it was my outlet for any troubles I was going through as a teenager.” She recalls that she felt fake in the studio rapping songs so, she discontinued her work.

Bueno-Hill is most passionate about teaching History to middle-school students. She feels that America’s history,”is a baby grown up, so it is kinda like following a kid growing up through their life.” Meaning, following US history from the beginning of America and creation of its constitution. This is her favorite time period to teach.

She originally became a teacher because she wanted to try something new. Soon after teaching for a year, she realized she fell in love with the job. She came to teach at Dana because she thought it would be a challenge for her. It’s her 5th year teaching and she now plans to teach future students for the coming years.

Ms.Bueno-Hill hopes that this school year will help the students to accept other opinions and support other opinions. She focuses on changing things to accommodate her recent change to the STEAM program with technology in the classroom.  In the future years, Ms.Bueno-Hill wants to become more fluent with technology and making the class assignments more interesting for kids.