Finish Ticket: The Band to Check Out!

Destiny Mitchell , Entertainment Editor

Now that The Dana Mariner has started up, Journalism students are starting to get opportunities to go to events, such as concerts, and write about them. On October 27,  The Dana Mariner staff was invited to a concert at the El Rey Theatre  in Los Angeles to go see a pop-rock indie band called Finish Ticket.

Finish Ticket is an indie rock/indie pop band that originated from San Francisco, with 5 members in the group. The group has two sets of brothers, lead singer, Brendan Hoye, his twin brother, Michael Hoye, Nick and Gabe Stein, and their friend Alex DiDonato. They are touring around the United States, with two opening bands, Irontom and Run River North. This is their Fall Tour of 2016.

Photo taken at 10/27 by Destiny Mitchell


They’ve had amazing opportunities like touring with Twenty One Pilots for their sold out tour, Blurryface. Their most recent album is called “Before Night Becomes Day.” I might say myself, I love it!

I went to their concert with some family and we all loved it and thought they were amazing. At first I wasn’t sure if I was going to like them but after I heard their music, I thought “why aren’t they that popular?” Personally, I liked the music! One of their top songs at the moment  is called “Color” and my personally favorite would have to be “Wrong.”

Make sure to check out their new album “Before Night Becomes Day” on iTunes!