Staff Spotlight: Get to Know Mr. Rahmanou

Teliya Becerra, Social Media Manger

Mr. Rahmanou is a 6th grade Science teacher at Richard Henry Dana Middle School. Mr. Rahmanou has taught at Dana for almost 20 years!

While in school, Mr. Rahmanou challenged himself with honors classes during high school. After high school, he attended New Mexico Tech and earned 3 Science degrees. He was going to apply for his Masters degree in Philosophy, but got caught up in teaching.

He got into teaching by starting off with substituting. He enjoyed subbing,  “I could do my own thing and nobody was really my boss.” While subbing, he taught a couple science classes and took much interest. He then went on to get his credential and became a Science teacher.

When Mr. Rahmanou was little, he lived in Iran, and he was Jewish so he constantly had to hide his identity. When he was in sixth grade, a civil war broke out. Soldiers invaded his classroom and told them they didn’t need an education, you need to learn how to fight in wars, to spread Islam. They then taught the children how to operate weapons such as machine guns. He returned home that day and told his parents what had happened. Within a week, his family fled the country. Tragically his father went back to sell merchandise, but ended up getting stuck for ten years without a passport.

So around 11 years old,  Mr. Rahmanou had to find himself a job. Not only did he have to find a job, but he had to help his mother pass a test for her job. This led to him and his mother staying up till 3:00 in the morning trying to put together words from the dictionary. With these tasks, he also had to help out with his twin sisters.

Mr. Rahmanou enjoys traveling and has almost completely traveled the world.”I’ve been all over the place,” he states. Actually one reason he became a teacher is so he can travel during the holidays. He plans on going to New Zealand, Philippines, and Indonesia and Island regions.

His advice for students at Dana is to steer a straight course. He also wants students to know that he cares about them, “I want to see them be successful.”