Staff Spotlight: Get to Know Ms. NcNeny


Destiny Mitchell, Entertainment Editor

Ms. McNeny is an English teacher here at Dana. She has been worked here for 4 years, teaching 6th and 8th grade English.

She’s always wanted to be a teacher, “I went to college expecting to be a teacher.” She wasn’t sure what she wanted to teach, because she loved a lot of different subjects, like music, theatre, science, and math. She was surprised she didn’t teach one of these original favorite subjects.

Ms. McNeny loves working with the kids at Dana, and kids in general. She likes how students think about things that teachers regularly don’t see. She adds, “teachers are learning as much from the students as they are from us.”

Ms. McNeny loves to incorporate her interests with the curriculum and also for a little enjoyment. For example, her students were given the option to memorize part of one of the songs, “Guns and Ships” from the very successful musical “Hamilton,” and perform it in front of the whole class. She personally loves the play, and got to see it on Broadway at the end of last year.

Ms. McNeny has ¬†worked in the theatre business before and was never really amazed by other musicals, but she states, “Hamilton blew me away.” She says its so unique, and that she knew the kids would love it because of the rap and hip-hop. It also helps students with public speaking, so it benefits students in multiple ways.

Ms. McNeny has had a lot of very interesting and exciting jobs, like working with Disney Animation. She was in charge of the artists that drew the characters for a lot of the movies our generation grew up watching like Lion King, Fantasia, Mulan, and many more.

That’s not the only cool job she’s had. Ms. McNeny has actually toured with other musicals around the world to places like Egypt, France, most of America, and more. As you can see, traveling is one of her favorite things to do along side hiking, and video games.

Ms. McNeny’s favorite quote is by Henry Thoreau “Could a greater miracle take place than for us to look through each other’s eyes for an instant?”