Staff Spotlight: Get to Know Mrs. Kim


MA.Itzel Ibarra, Staff Writer

Mrs.Kim is a 6th grade math teacher here at Dana Middle School. She’s been a teacher for 9 years and has been teaching at Dana for 6 years.

In high school, Mrs.Kim was a tutor helping kids with their homework. After that she went to college and got a bachelor’s degree in liberal studies at California State University. While at college, she had a part time job as a private tutor and also worked in a hospital.

“I think I always knew I wanted to be a teacher” says Mrs.Kim on what made her want to teach others. “When I was younger I’d always play school with my friends, and I would play the role of the teacher.”

Ms.Kim hasn’t taught any other subjects besides math because math has always been her favorite subject, but she has taught other grades. The other grades that she has taught are 9th and 8th grade math but she decided to stick with teaching sixth grade because to her they’re just more fun and adorable.

“Keeping kids motivated, having Every single student in my class learn and understand what I am teaching” is what Ms.Kim says is the hardest part about teaching. What she does to address the problem is differentiate her teaching and try to create more activities that would keep kids interested. “It’s not easy”, she reveals.

The Odyssey, by Homer, is one Ms.Kim’s favorite books. She finds Greek Mythology interesting.  One of her favorite movies is E.T. She also enjoys listening to electronic music.

Besides teaching, she also does other things that she takes a pleasure in doing. Other than painting and hiking, she also plays the piano. She also enjoys spending her free time with her husband.

Mrs.Kim also takes a pleasure in traveling. She has traveled to many places like Mexico and some of parts of Europe. For instance, Spain, Italy and even to Greece!

“When I actually see students understand what I’m teaching them, I see the light in their eyes”, Mrs. Kim expresses as her proudest moments about being a teacher. She also states that it brings joy to her when students tell her that they like math better because of her. “And when they say thank you and that they appreciate me.”

At the end of the day, she chose to work at Dana because she feels comfortable there. The Dana staff is friendly, supportive, and easy to work with. The students, overall, are great.  She wants her students to know that “I care and that I always want them to put in their best effort and try. Don’t ever give up, even if seems too difficult. Mistakes and failures are how we learn.” She also advises students to “try to keep a positive attitude. There will be bad days, and sometimes it gets tough, but tomorrow is a new day.”