Beacon House: Bringing Joy on Christmas


Kelly Yoshimura, News Editor

Every year, for many years, the residents of the Beacon House have brought happiness on Christmas morning to local children in San Pedro.

Christmas morning is a special time to spend with family for some people, and some children don’t get to have the opportunity to wake up to presents in the morning, so the Beacon House gentlemen have decided to gift kids in San Pedro at the Bartlett Center presents and toys.

Santa and elves help out dispersing the toys and gifts to the children, and one “elf” says, ” I love seeing the children light up with joy.”

Ruby Ruetmann, an eighth grader at Dana responds to this act of giving, “I think that it is very nice that they do that for San Pedro and I am thankful for them because that’s where I get my Christmas tree yearly.”

Christmas trees? Yes, the Beacon House raises money from the pine trees that they sell every year, so if you still haven’t gotten your tree you can pick one up at the Beacon House!

Beacon House brings joy and happiness to the citizens of San Pedro in many ways for the holidays. Presents, dinner, and trees to bring holiday spirit to this city.