Kylie Jenner Launches a Pop-Up Shop in Los Angeles!


Destiny Mitchell, Entertainment Editor

Are you guys raving about Kylie Jenner and her cosmetics line? Well I have something very good to tell you. She is opening up her own pop up shop to promote her new holiday collection line, and her new merch that hasn’t been launched yet.

The whole store was designed by Kylie herself, and part of it will try to replicate her own room, which is pretty cool. The store will be open from 10am to 9pm everyday. I suggest to go as fast as you can because the store will only be open until everything is sold out.

Her cosmetics line includes, matte liquid lipsticks which also come with a lip liner, glosses, metals, and her eyeshadow palettes.

So for all you living close to LA you don’t have to order online you can go to her store on December 9 at the Topanga Westfield Mall, and get it in person. She will also be launching her new merch online the next day, December 10.

The most exciting thing is that Kylie might attend the store on the opening day. It is said “A perfect way for fans to experience the glamour and luxury loved by the youngest member of the famed Kardashian / Jenner family.” 

I can’t wait to attend the store myself, and hope that you do to.