Amy Schumer Shows Sympathy Towards Her Haters

Amy Schumer Shows Sympathy Towards Her Haters

Destiny Mitchell, Staff Writer

Last week Amy Schumer was asked to maybe play the part of Barbie in a new kids movie for Sony. A lot of people are giving her hate because they think that her body “doesn’t fit the barbie figure,” which I personally think isn’t fair or right.

The average size of a women is a size sixteen, and Amy Schumer isn’t even that size, she’s lower, but not everyone knows that, and since she is getting a lot of body shame.

Body shaming is a serious thing. It can make people feel bad about themselves and lead to things like eating disorders, (etc.). People say that they tell someone they’re overweight to motivate them, but it’s proven that it makes them worse and causes them to eat even more.

Schumer has been standing up for her self and ignoring the trolls that have been continuing to trample her. She was on Ellen recently, and gave a lot of her opinion on the subject and says “the people I think online trolling are in more pain that we can possibly imagine.” She’s trying to forgive the people doing this to her while they just keep on going.

Schumer has been called “plus sized,” in a plus size issue of Glamour magazine. She herself called out the magazine for first not informing her she was going to be in the magazine, but also, just assuming her size. She doesn’t have anything against it, but she also says that putting in young girls minds that her body type is a plus size isn’t right.

Just know that bullying people about anything not just their body can lead to very scary things, and isn’t fair for them.

Keep in mind as what Schumer says “I know who I am and I feel beautiful”.