Mr. Quan’s Calculating Life

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Mr. Quan’s Calculating Life

Ruby Ruetmann, Staff Writer

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Mr. Quan is an 8th grade math teacher at Dana Middle School. He has taught at Dana for about 29 years in total.

Originally, Mr. Quan decided to work at Dana because a former principal invited him after seeing his true teaching talent at another middle school when he was only a “newbie.”

He enjoys teaching at Dana everyday and helping kids understand all different types of math. Mr. Quan says, “It is just so much fun because everything in life involves math, and I love doing math. I love when it explains life and when my kids have the same love of math as I do”

Mr. Quan attended UCLA for his bachelor’s degree and California State, Los Angeles for his teaching credential. He’s been given several awards such as father of the year award and teacher of the year.

Mr.Quan’s favorite hobbies or activities include line dancing, hiking, camping, and bike riding. He enjoys spending time with his wife and getting together with friends. His favorite sports team is UCLA Bruins. Mr.Quan is happily married to his wife and together they have two children who are currently in college.

Mr. Quan has a wide collection of ties to wear everyday for work that range from comics to movies. He states, “I try to wear a tie everyday, probably two days out of the week I don’t. I still have about 100 ties left for the rest of the year.”

One of the struggles Mr. Quan has with teaching math is making it understandable and adaptable for all students. It’s even worse when they have no interest in learning or caring about math. A pet peeve he has is that he doesn’t like is when people are disrespectful.

Mr. Quan’s biggest goal this year is to, ” To bring out the math, to make it alive for my students, to have them enjoy it, to have them have a good experience with math.”

His advice for his students and future ones are, “If you don’t like the way things are now, maybe it’s political, maybe it’s in your house, maybe the environment, then go out and get the best education possible to change your life.”

In the coming years, Mr. Quan wants to continue teaching at Dana Middle School and show more students his love and respect for math.