What is Slime And Why are Students So Obsessed With It?


Jade Herrera, Staff Writer

In the halls of Dana and many other schools, slime has been introduced and has gained popularity. Not only has it gained popularity in school,  but also online and on social media. Instagram has over one million posts for #slime. If you are curious, slime is a moist, soft, slippery substance that can be used to play in between your fingers.  

Kids are probably so obsessed with it because of how stress-relieving and it seems like something fun to do. “With slime you can poke it, stretch it, rub it, squeeze it, or pop it!,” says Teliya Becerra. Which all of those things can sound pretty satisfying.
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There are various ways to make slime, but what seems the most popular are the recipes above.

Kids will sell this slime anywhere from about $1 to $9, depending on the quality, the seller, and/or the ingredients. They will make it homemade and sell it to classmates or play with it on their own for themselves all day.

One big question about slime is,  “Can it be a problem in school?”  Ms. Benavidez, a 6th grade English teacher here at Dana, says, “It’s cool and therapeutic, but it can get messy and be a distraction.” On the other hand, 7th grade student Corrina Paiz says, “It can be (a problem) if teachers don’t allow it, but if not, it’s satisfying and makes us happy.”

All in all, if you have fun and not break any rules, slime can be a very fun and stress-relieving tool to utilize. #staysticky