Hiccups: The New Place to Go?


Destiny Mitchell, Arts & Entertainment Editor

Hiccups is a very popular and “aesthetically pleasing” teahouse that a lot of people love to go to. It’s full of a bunch of different kinds of foods and drinks that range from different cultures/places. It is a tea house, but obviously has much more.

Another thing about Hiccups is that they give a choice to either have your drink in a regular cup, or even a mason jar, which is pretty cool. They also give you the choice to add boba which is also pretty good. Even though most of the options are not vegetarian or vegan, they still have some options to choose from.

There are three different locations of Hiccups, and lucky for us, they’re all very close. There’s Long Beach, Carson, and Paramount. The closest one is Carson, which is only about a 10 minute drive. This is very convenient and a lot of people agree.

It’s a fun and exciting place to go with friends, or even family. It’s been pretty busy lately, so make sure to expect to wait a while for your drink. However, the wait is so worth it! The best time to go would probably be either from 12am to 3pm, because those times are less busy than others. It is open from 11am to 12pm and other times varies.


People do like Hiccups because obviously it has amazing food and drinks, but also it will help you get that Instagram worthy picture. As I said it is very “aesthetically pleasing” hence the lights make it so much better.

“It is pretty loud, but the service is good and the food comes pretty fast, and is delicious” says Dana Middle School student, Anamarie Cervantes.  8th grader, Annika Hernandez also adds “It’s a good place to go with friends and have great food.”

In the end I think Hiccups is a very fun and popular place to go to, especially with friends. It’s fun and exciting and never gets boring. Remember it is only a 10 minute drive and I suggest to beg your parents to take you. You won’t regret it!