Book Review: Check Out the Twilight Series!

Book Review: Check Out the Twilight Series!

Destiny Mitchell, Arts & Entertainment Editor

Twilight is a very interesting book that a lot of people like. The book is written by Stephenie Meyer and was published in the mid 2000s. The book is technically based on “romance,” but trust me it is interesting. I’ve obviously read the book, and I like how it puts you in the mind of the main character Isabella “Bella” Swan, so you won’t miss a thing.

The book is about a teenager “Bella” who initially lived in Forks when she was younger, but after her parents divorce, moved with her mom Renee. Now that her mom has remarried with a major league baseball player and has to travel more frequently, she made the choice to move back with her dad Charlie back to Forks. Now her mom can travel with her new boyfriend without worrying about Bella.

Bella moved back to Forks, where the weather is very different than what she’s used to. Instead of the sunny and hot Arizona, she has to resort to cold and rainy Forks, Washington. She doesn’t really have friends there, even though she’s lived there before, but on her first day, one of her soon to be friends Mike Newton helps her around and introduces his friends to Bella.

After meeting them she notices the one and only Edward Cullen and his family. She asks her new friend Jessica who they are, but she doesn’t really tell her much besides everyone wants him even Bella. Then Charlie’s best friend introduces his son to Bella, Jacob. Now Bella has met Jacob, and even though she’s two years older than him she has a special connection. She soon sees Jacob at a bond fire and tries to flirt with him in order to get information about Edward, which you’ll know what once you read the book.

No more spoilers for now, Twilight is a really good book that people confuse for just a love story. It shows the struggles of everyday teenagers and gives a little twist to it. It is a really good series that I suggest you to read. So, in the end are you team Edward or team Jacob?