College Spotlight: Columbia University

College Spotlight: Columbia University

Destiny Mitchell, Arts & Entertainment Editor

Columbia University is very popular Ivy League school located in Manhattan, New York.  It’s original name was King’s College but eventually changed to Columbia college in the late 1700s.

Columbia has had many influential graduates and some you wouldn’t expect. Barack Obama (44th president of the U.S.) , Amelia Earhart ( First female to fly across the Atlantic Ocean alone), Alicia Keys (Singer/ Songwriter), and Lauren Graham (Actress) to name a few.

The acceptance rate is 6% which means it is very competitive to gain admission into this school.  In addition, 75% of the freshman were at least in the top 10% at their high school. These statistics are a little intimidating but if you work hard, you can do it.

For general admission, it’s required to have at least three recommendation letters, and the application has to submitted online. Columbia also offers financial aid which helps you pay for college, like tuition fees, books, supplies,and more. There are different kinds of financial aid like grants, loans, scholarships, etc.

The school offers many majors music, science, medicine, and more. The other cool thing is that they have separate schools depending on your major. They have one for the arts which consists of music, dancing, etc., architecture, journalism, law, and a lot more. There are 41 academic departments or centers that will help you with your studies. Altogether there are 86 totally different majors to choose from, which gives you a variety.

Columbia has many graduates that have succeeded in the sports section. For example, Marcellus Wiley who played in the NFL for 10 seasons on 4 different teams. They also have a lot of Olympian athletes when it comes to swimming, track, fencing, etc.

Many notable singers are also Columbia graduates, such as Alicia Keys, who’s won a total of 15 Grammys and a lot more awards. You can’t forget actors/actresses, like Lauren Graham who was on a hit tv show “Gilmore Girls” for 7 years. The school also has many clubs for different categories, like A Capella, ice hockey, rugby, rock climbing, and more.

In the end, Columbia University has a lot to offer. It has many interesting majors, activities, and clubs that are very diverse. There are many options to choose from, and I definitely suggest you put it on your list of college choices.