Ms. Benavidez Staff Spotlight

Melany Maes, Staff Writer

6th grade English teacher and Journalism Advisor, Ms.Benavidez has taught English for four years. She’s taught at a high school in South L.A. 9th and 10th grade English.

Ms. Benavidez was born and raised in San Pedro. She graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Political Science from UC Santa Barbara and has a Master’s degree in Educational Policy from Loyola Marymount University.

Ms. Benavidez attended Dana Middle school for 6th-8th grade. She said “it feels like home here.” While attending Dana, she was 8th grade class president. She also attended San Pedro High School, she was in fact the Editor-in-Chief of the SPHS newspaper, The Fore and Aft. She says “journalism is great, I love helping kids understand the media and giving students the space to express themselves.”

Ms. Benavidez at the Getty Museum with her students.

Besides advising journalism, she teaches 6th grade STEAM Magnet English. She states “6th grade is an awesome year, kids are still really nice, but they’re maturing and growing up and I get to be a part of that.” But…there is also the part where they’re still kind of immature and they like to mess around. Since it is the springtime, Ms. Benavidez states “the students are acting like a hot mess, they are forgetting the basics like being polite and not talking while the teacher is talking.”  

On her free time Ms. Benavidez likes to go to Dodger Games and/or L.A. King Games. She also loves to hang out and be a part of her family.

When Ms.Benavidez was younger she loved to read she says, “I would go to the library during lunch and nutrition and eat my lunch in there.” “I was one of those kids that escaped the world by reading and it took me to different places that I couldn’t go in real life.”

Ms. Benavidez’s advice for students is that she wants her students to fall in love with reading. She also adds, “Forget the drama, the he said/she said, the mean girl stuff, and focus on school and yourself.”