La La Land: Is it Still the Movie to Watch?


Destiny Mitchell, A&E Editor

La La Land is a very popular movie. It came out towards the end of 2016, but since is still growing it’s popularity. La La Land has a mixture of modern romance, but also music and dance.

The first scene bursts into song while in traffic. Sounds crazy, but they had singers and even people dancing on top of cars. That’s when the two main characters Mia (Emma Stone) and Sebastian (Ryan Gosling) first actually kind of meet. If you consider honking at each other to go while in traffic I guess you could say that’s when they first meet. It’s fine because they constantly keep running into each other and have a proper encounter.

Since the premiere of the movie, it has been nominated for many awards. Wait for it, in total the movie has won 96 awards! That’s not it, it’s been nominated for 205 different awards. That consists of awards from the Golden Globes, Academy Awards, Critics Choice Awards, and so much more.

La La Land also has their own soundtrack with all the songs from the movie. Some songs are upbeat while others you can just put on and go to sleep. The songs make you feel like you’re in a musical, but also it has a mixture of jazz.

Fun fact, all the piano you hear in the movie is actually Ryan Gosling playing. It’s crazy right? You wouldn’t even expect it, but he had to learn right before filming the movie.

The main song “City of Stars” is one of the best songs on the soundtrack in my opinion. It’s slow but it’s relaxing. Also, “Lovely Night” is a very good song, but this is a little more upbeat. Once you see the scene in the movie it will make you want to dance, trust me.

They also have some songs on the movie that aren’t by Ryan and Emma, but by other characters in the movie. If you didn’t know, John Legend is in the movie too. I won’t tell you what character just so you can be surprised, but they also have music that he performed in the movie. Most of the songs sung by him are very upbeat. They also have a mixture of jazz, but it also has a modern twist to it. “Start a Fire” is the song he is featured in, and if you’re not into jazz this will probably be the song for you.

I basically listen to this soundtrack everyday. It makes you feel like you’re in the movie while you listen to it. The fact that Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone are in it is a major plus for me. As I said the movie came out in December of 2016, and is still playing in select theaters. Maybe that gives you an idea of how good it is. Hopefully you get to watch the movie and experience it yourself.