Yale University: Go Bulldogs!!


Destiny Mitchell, A&E Editor

Yale is one of eight Ivy League schools located in New Haven, Connecticut founded in 1701. The school is most known for their music and drama courses. Their mascot is Famous Dan, which is a bulldog. Even though they have someone in a costume they also have an actual bulldog stand in the position of their mascot until retirement, which is pretty cool.

Yale has one of the lowest acceptance rates compared to all the other ivy leagues at 6.3%. This is saying that it’s very competitive and it takes hard work in order to get in. “Who is likely to make the most of Yale’s resources?” and “Who will contribute most significantly to the Yale community?”, are some questions that Yale pays attention to while going through the applications.

Yale offers many different majors that are very different for everyone. Like filmmaking, music, art, health, medicine, and more. They are most known for their music and drama programs. They offer many resources, like a library with recordings, books, and original manuscripts. Which I think is very interesting. They also offer sports like softball, basketball, lacrosse, and a lot more. What major would you choose?

Yale also gives financial aid. They award it to any student that is in financial need, and to make it affordable to all families. They base it off of the total cost of attendance which is tuition, room, and books. Families with an income less than $65,000 are not expected to give to their child’s education at the school.They also offer scholarships that can range from a couple thousand dollars to $60,000. Yale also gives campus jobs and you can earn as much as $12.25/hr.

Yale has many notable alumni such as United States President Bill Clinton and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. In addition other notable alumni are James Franco who stared in Planet of the Apes, and Meryl Streep who’s been in Into The Woods . It’s crazy how some of your favorite people went to Yale you would have never knew.

Yale is a very competitive, but a school full of amazing resources and opportunities. It provides you with many things that help you with your studies and or you’re just interested in. It seems very exciting and maybe after reading this you’ll have an interest in the school.