Headed to the Beach? Six Brilliant Beach Hacks to Consider


Jade Herrera, Staff Writer

To have a good time at the beach you should want to feel as comfortable as you can to enjoy the experience. So for you to do that, here are 6 brilliant hacks!


“Phone in a Bag”

One thing you can do is grab a plastic sandwich bag and put your phone inside. This helps keep out any of the sand and water, but still use the touch screen. Just be sure to seal it tight and use the bag only one time.


4-Chapstick-Money-Holder-660x537.jpg (660×537)

“Chapstick or Money?”

Use an empty chapstick to secure your money or anything that would fit that you want to hide. This water resistant protection is a great disguise.

s-l225.jpg (225×225)

“Peanut Butter Safe”

You also can use an empty plastic peanut butter jars to store your phone, keys, or other small things while you’re at the beach. This can help keep out the sand and water. 


gallery-1462913534-elle-pin-lightenyourhairwithlemons.jpg (768×1344)

“Lemonade Hair”
Did you know that putting lemon juice and being in the sun can add natural highlights to your hair? Well supposedly it does! So if you want to lighten your hair give this a try. After be sure to condition your hair well because it may be drying.


sand.jpg (1600×1195)

“Baby Legs”

If you use baby powder on your sandy skin it will come off. Leaving your skin super soft, smooth and sand free!

hack_sheet-20161215130726.jpg~q75,dx720y432u1r1gg,c--.jpg (720×432)

“Beach Bed”

To keep your area with no sand and be comfortable you can get a fitted sheet and have things like your sandals or towel or other things at the four corners to hold it down.