Staff Spotlight: Get to Know Ms. Plascencia!


Kelly Yoshimura, News Editor

Ms. Plascencia is a Math teacher here at Dana Middle School, who has taught at Dana for 4 years, and this the first school she’s ever taught at.  She says, “Math has always been my favorite subject… I’ve always liked that certainty of a yes or no answer.” She loves teaching and enjoys the diversity, and enthusiasm of her students. She says one of the most challenging things about teaching is trying to make math understandable for all of my students, “Not all students learn the same, so it’s difficult to find a way to translate math in way students get it.” She says high school is when the teacher in her sparked, and she was inspired.                  

She says her number one pet peeve is when students don’t do their homework, “They need the practice, especially when they are failing my class,” she says. When she was younger she said she took violin lessons and volleyball, “…but it never really stuck.” Instead she took to Math, her best subject.

She says that, although Dana is perceived as in a negative way at times, she doesn’t think that it is, “I don’t find it “ghetto”, because of all of the activity that happens… band, robotics, art, etc.” She says that what makes Dana so great is, “Both the students and the staff, I enjoy working with my team and collaborating with them.” She says we’re already making amazing progress, from our award-winning band, to our phenomenal robotics team.  

Ms. Plascencia says, that she wants each student to leave her class learning something they’ve never known, “I want my class to be memorable for my students.”

Her best advice she wants to give her students, is to work hard, and strive to be successful, but to still have fun, “You’re still a kid, and you need to have a childhood that you will remember, and enjoy.”