San Pedro’s Gaffey Street Makeover

San Pedros Gaffey Street Makeover

Edith Gonzalez, Staff writer

If you haven’t seen or heard already, San Pedro recently started remodeling Gaffey street and there are many changes that have already been made.

Some of these areas include:

~ El Pollo Loco ~

This used to be a Burger King but was recently changed into a Pollo Loco.


~ Los Angeles Sister Cities Plaza ~

This is a Sister cities plaza that was made by the entrance of San Pedro.

~ Palm Tree Entrance ~

Palm trees were added between the two lanes at San Pedro’s entrance.

~ Starbucks ~

There are plans to change this neighborhood bar into a Starbucks.

~ Jack in the Box ~

This Jack in the Box on 6th street is currently being remodeled.


The reason why all of these places are being remodeled or changed in some way is because of the mayor’s Great Streets Initiative proposal. This states that all major Los Angeles Streets should be remade to make it a more “pedestrian-friendly landscaped entrance into town” and Gaffey street is one of those streets. This project will cost around $7 million to complete.

8th grader Jasmine Cuevas says “I think it’s a good change for our community and it will make our city look nicer and more welcoming to our visitors.”

Overall, these changes that are being made to our city are something that we’ve been needing for a long time now and it will be a good step in growing our community.