Goodbye Dana, It’s Been Swell

Goodbye Dana, Its Been Swell

Destiny Mitchell, Entertainment Editor

It’s the end of the school year and we 8th students are finally entering the adulthood of high school. I mean not actual adulthood, but we can pretend they’re similar.

Dana Middle School has been a crazy roller coaster that you can say, we’re required to ride for 3 straight years.

There’s been many wonderful experiences and making new friends that eventually turned into best friends, but that doesn’t mean everything is always going to be easy.

School is hard only if you make it hard. As long as you focus on your work instead of doing what you want, like hanging out with friends I’m at least 95% sure you’ll be fine.

I’m not saying don’t hang out with friends I’m saying just make sure school is your first priority.

To parents,

Your babies aren’t babies anymore. It’s time they spread their wings for two blocks up to San Pedro High or any of the other local schools.

It’s crazy how fast time flies by isn’t it, it seems like just yesterday it was our first day of kindergarten for us and for you.

Trust me I still can’t believe that I myself am going to high school. It’s time we start being independent, entering this crazy jungle.

To any incoming 6th graders or anyone in general, good luck! I hope Dana is everything you expected it to be, in a good way.

Goodbye Dana it’s been swell.