Doctor Who: The New Doctor

The First Female Doctor Who


Arianna Cau, Opinions Editor

Doctor Who, a British TV show on BBC channel, has been around for over fifty years and fans all over the world have loved it so much. The show has been switching around the doctors and this is the thirteenth doctor so far. For the past fifty four years, Doctor Who has had all male doctors. However, in this new, upcoming season this doctor is a woman. Directors have teased at this for a while and fans have been anticipating this too.

If you don’t know already Doctor Who is a British TV show. It’s about a character who befriends the Doctor and goes on crazy adventures in the Tardis, a telephone booth that can travel through space and time. There are villains, evil robots and alien invasions. Also, the Doctor does not give out his/her name so the main character calls them by doctor. This show is like the marriage of sci-fi and mystery.

Now who is she? The actress that plays her is named Jodie Whittaker. She lives in England with her husband, the actor Christian Contreras, and her child. Jodie is best known for her work on the movies Broadchurch and Attack the Block. She has three acting nominations and they are the British Independent Film Award for Best Performance by an Actress in a British Independent Film in 2016 for the movie Adult Life Skills, the British Independent Film Award for Most Promising Newcomer in 2006 from the movie Venus and, Satellite Award for Best Performance by an Actress in a Motion Picture, Comedy or Musical also in 2006 and from the movie Venus.

By joining this Doctor Who world of alien invasions and the Tardis, the space and time jumper, she has gained a lot of fame since this show is so popular. Some people didn’t even know she existed until she was announced as the new doctor. That’s how popular this show is. People are expecting a lot from Jodie. She has a lot to live up to since there was 12 other doctors behind her.

“I don’t know how she’s going to do but I hope she’s a good doctor,” said 7th grader Wolfie Cox when asked about this. Hopefully she will get as much love as the other doctors. Well, let’s hope this season will be a good one.