Youtube Parents Lose Custody of Children

Youtube Parents Lose Custody of Children

Arianna Cau, Opinions Editor

In September, in Baltimore, Maryland, Youtube parents Michael Christopher Martin, and his wife, Heather Martin lost custody of 2 of their children, who are named Cody and Emma, after a series of abusive pranks.

The videos they were posting were showing their kids crying. For example, a video shows one of the kids, Cody crying in a bathtub and his father screaming at him and says that he wants to stay in the tub until he dies. Also their is another video where the parents pour invisible ink on their carpet and blame them and later say “It’s just a prank.”

Prank videos get so many views on Youtube. There are videos on pranks from how to prank your friend to try not to laugh videos of people pranking babies. People post certain things at certain times because it gets views. People post what’s popular and that’s what was popular at the time.

The couple had been posting prank videos of their kids for sometime. When people started to comment that this was wrong, the couple finally came out and apologize. A few days later authorities came and took Cody and Emma. They eventually went to court to get their sentence.

The couple was charged with child neglect and 5 years probation. This means that they won’t be able to see their children at all. The children are now with their biological mother, Rose Hall. Rose is also fighting for custody of her children since as she says in an interview that it was heartbreaking that she was seeing her children abused like that. Heather and Michael say that the family is going to counseling for the pranks that they pulled.

Now if you go to the Youtube channel the prank videos are all deleted and all that remains is sad apologies. Now people hope for the kids safety.