Are Electric Cars Really that Good for the Environment?


Emerson Marquez, Staff Writer

If you thought electric cars were really that green, then think again. New studies show that just buying a green car could impact the environment even more than a gas car.

If you’ve ever seen a Tesla, you know that it looks sleek and modern, but have you wondered what goes into building it?

Tesla’s “shell” is made out of aluminum. Aluminum isn’t that rare but it still isn’t very common and they have to drill it from the ground. The bottom of the Tesla is made out of titanium to hold the piping inside of the car. Titanium is a somewhat rare material to come across and they also have to drill it out from our earth.

The car battery is made from multiple earth materials which are pretty hard to come across and the drilling and transport of all theses materials may just increase pollution.

Another big thing is that as you know, the cars use energy to get around but they need a lot of it. Also, where does that energy come from? While the energy that the car uses will most likely be powerplants, (unless the owner has solar panels) those power plants emit a large amount of Co2 and other pollutants into the atmosphere.

”I think the cars look cool. I think they’re very good for the environment,” says a Mariah Jimenez, a student here at Dana.

But this article is not meant to discourage you from buying a green car. There are some ways that you can buy a green car that is not harming the environment. You can do this when buying a new car only when you absolutely have to, like if your old car is run down or old or it’s just your first car. By doing this, can lessen our carbon footprint; even if it’s just one person at a time. Also, you can do other things to help the environment like recycling a lot, use public transit or walking. You can also find your own ways to make the next generation’s lives a bit better.