Vegan vs Vegetarian

Vegan vs Vegetarian

Arianna Cau, Opinions Editor

There is long and complicated debate about whether vegetarians or vegans are healthier for them and the environment. Well today, we will solve that debate with the power of research and science.

Vegetarians are people that don’t eat meat and fish. Most of these people are animal lovers, farmers that deal with animals, or people that live near slaughterhouses.  Vegetarians have 25% less chance of dying of heart disease, almost no chance of colon cancer, and lower chances of obesity.  Vegetarians also avoid all of the fecal matter in meat. For example chicken has 90% fecal matter in it. They also avoid category 1 carcinogens that’s in processed meat. Now meat in general is very dirty. In factories there are 15 carcasses per second which means everything goes by super fast. There is blood and pus everywhere even when they are just starting the day. When there is an abscess they just cut it and leave it. Also some animals feed are made of meat too. That means that they animals are becoming cannibalistic.  Also, processed meat being a category 1 carcinogen is right next to Tobacco, Asbestos, and Plutonium

Now fish is another story. Fish are been proven to have mercury in them, Mercury is the most potent poison that most people know of.  Farmed fish have been found to have a bunch of drugs in them as well. From antifungals to simply anything else.

Vegans don’t eat any animal products. This includes meat, fish, dairy (cheese, milk, ice cream, yogurt), and eggs. They have all of the same benefits as vegetarians plus a little more. By not drinking milk, men and women are avoiding prostate cancer. Also milk is said to be by an plethora of  doctors that actually studied this said that cow’s milk, what we drink, is calf growth food to grow into 400 pound cows.  Studies also say that eggs are pure fat. Those two alone can cause people being overweight.

Cheese is one of the grossest things after researching like I have. Cheese has traces of pus in it, you read that right, pus. There is actually a law for how much pus they can put in cheese. In a way cheese is coagulated cow pus. And this isn’t just in cheese, no, this is in milk too. That’s right what people drink or put in there coffee has pus in it.

Now that I have done extensive research tell me what you think in the poll, which is healthier, and would you go vegan or vegetarian. I personally think that veganism is better.

What do you think is better, veganism or vegetarianism?

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