Book Review: Wonder


Anthony Ponton, Staff Writer

Wonder is a realistic fiction book written by R.J. Palacio about a boy named Auggie Pullman. The story follows Auggie through his first year attending school outside of his home and the challenges and rewards that came with that.  

He is in the fifth grade and quickly has to learn to survive because he is different from the rest.  Auggie’s face is distorted from having so many surgeries and that causes him to be insecure around his new classmates. The principal decides to have three of his classmates give him a tour of the school and they become his friends and enemies.  Why enemies? Because one  of the of those kids bullies Auggie because of the way he looks.

Unfair? Yes.

How does Auggie handle the bully?  Does his friend help him?  

The book is extraordinary because it has different character perspective.  It follows Auggie’s sister, her boyfriend, their best friends and more. What is extraordinary is that we get to see everyone’s perspective through the story.  For example, his best friend, Summer, sees Auggie as just another one of the kids and treats him with kindness regardless of the way he looks. At one point, Auggie and his friends hit a bump in the road on Halloween where something goes horribly wrong?  What happens and how will it affect them?  

Wonder is exactly that, a chance to wonder what will be. “I Think there should be a rule that everybody in the world should get a standing ovation at least once in their lives” said R.J. Palacio.