Dana Students Support Hurricane Harvey Victims By Donation Goods


Jared Arbolario, Staff Writer

Watch as the hurricane destroys everything you know. Ripping trees out of the ground, tearing down buildings, and flooding the streets. If you can imagine this, then you can see what the victims of Harvey witnessed. Fortunately, now there was a donation drive for the victims that were hit by hurricane Harvey.

Dana MS participated in a donation drive for the citizens hit by this hurricane, from September 11 to September 15. The Leadership group collected items from advisories, 6th through 8th grade, in the morning by students, teachers and staff alike.

Dana wanted to reach out into the community to help fellow humans by collecting donations, and shipping them off to places like Texas or Louisiana where people are temporarily homeless and jobless.

Hurricane Harvey was one of the most historical hurricanes on the record. It landed on U.S. lands on August 25 and stalled for a long period of time, until August 26. This amount of time allowed the hurricane to damage over 70 billion dollars worth of property and business. Electricity was out, and refineries and factories had to shut down for a while to recover from the damage.

Some items that were brought in were clothing such as plain shirts and sweaters, canned food to feed the homeless, and baby food to help the small children that experienced the hurricane. There were also towels to help dry the rescued and the rescuers. Toiletries were also donated: toothbrushes, toilet paper, shampoo, etc.

Before the hurricane had hit, school had just started, which made school supplies more helpful.

Leadership Advisor and STEAM Magnet Coordinator, Mrs. Crow explained: “The donations range from baby food to school supplies, which is good, because school started just before the hurricane” Pencils, paper, binders, and everyday school supplies helped students down in Texas and Louisiana.

The competition for donations was won by Ms. Plasencia, 7th grade STEAM Magnet Math teacher. Her advisory brought in over 400 items items. These items were brought to the main building, coming in by bags, boxes, and bunches. In total, Dana collected over 1000 items!

Dana wanted to help the community close and far, cleaning property, donating, and partnering. Helping those victims hit by Hurricane Harvey is a step closer to the supporting communities. Let’s help those down in the dirt, by giving them a hand. One donation at a time.