Melanie Martinez: Mad Hatter

Melanie Martinez: Mad Hatter

Arianna Cau, Opinions Editor

People are going mad for Melanie Martinez’s new music video Mad Hatter. Melanie Martinez’s music video that has been up and coming since August 12, 2015 and was finally put out at Sept 23, 2017.

Now, Melanie Martinez usually does this for each and every one of her songs from the Crybaby album. She also does this to convey the story of the character she created who is shockingly named Crybaby. If you don’t already know, Crybaby is a representation of Melanie Martinez and her experiences are based on Melanie’s life but with her signature creepy twist and some more horrible stuff.

Some fans have been awaiting this for a while, while others have understood because she has been busy with tour and other music videos. In Mad Hatter the music video shows Crybaby, a young, little girl who has experienced so much that she went crazy, getting her groove on with her friends, who look a lot like Teletubbies, and except her craziness. This also shows stuff from Alice in Wonderland since the song is called Mad Hatter. This includes falling down a rabbit hole, painting roses red, and also mentioning The Caterpillar and herself which is the Mad Hatter since she the crazy one.

Go ahead and see the music video here, and if you have already seen it put your opinions of it in the comments.