What is Vice News?


Emerson Marquez, Staff Writer

Vice Media is major media source with many channels and shows such as Vice News Tonight. The other channel that they have is titled Viceland which has many aspects to it with. Viceland has many categories such as categories of documentaries that focus on problems that the world is facing now.

Vice News Tonight usually airs Monday through Friday at 9pm. The way the show goes is that it starts off with a couple small stories about things such as education problems, Puerto Rico, or the fact that people in India are no longer allowed to divorce their wives in just 3 words. Than it would go on to usually 3 big stories that go more in depth. But if you’re someone like me who wants to know what is going on in the world, in just 30 minutes you will get vital information about current events.

The other channel titled Viceland has shows airing everyday such as stories on racist groups and stuff like that.

Vice media does own many other things such as Vice magazine and Vice sports. Also in 2015, Vice Media was called “arguably a poster child for new-media success—especially when it comes to attracting a valuable millennial audience.”

If you have watched this show, you will definitely see that this media source shows more of a liberal approach with its stories.

To conclude Vice media (specifically Vice News and Viceland) would be a great channel if you are into more of a liberal approach of a channel and like learning about what happens around the world.