Guardians of the Galaxy Monster After Dark


Anthony Ponton, Staff Writer

Ever heard of Guardians of the Galaxy Mission:Breakout at Disney California Adventure Theme Park? Well, now they made a new Halloween part of the ride, called “Monsters after Dark.” This new ride extension is about 2-4 hours from the park’s closing for day. Kids may not be a great choice to go on this new, scary ride. For adults and teens, get ready for some fun!

It has the same mechanics as the original ride, but mostly everything else is different, also the wait is different. First, the wait has more of a dark turn, the normal ride turns out to be darker, and at the same time monsters escape and Groot gets lost. When you go on the ride there is one song, that is different and has more rock.

Monsters After Dark is longer than mission breakout, even though the ride mechanics are the same, the times are different, one part is maybe because on the “big drop” there is a few seconds more standing there waiting.

One famous hashtag on the Disney blog and other places is  #SaveGroot. The ride before this was the Twilight Zone, Tower of Terror. This is the first Marvel ride at Disney’s California Adventure.

The highest the ride goes is 13 stories high, not the best number. This ride lights up a bit different from the original light up.

It’s a scary ride in all, but fun enough. Go to this ride at California Adventures at the Disneyland resort.