2017 October Horoscopes

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2017 October Horoscopes

Paul Armendariz, Staff Writer

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With a new month comes new predictions! Check out your Horoscope for the month of October:


Aries, The Ram

March 21–April 19

October brings tons of productivity, Aries! You’ll be filled with more energy than usual, as your ruling planet, Mars, will connect with Pluto. Mars will also meet with Venus this month, giving you a sense of routines and self-care. While you’re on the path of hard-work, feel free to have a few lengthy debates and arguments, as they are signs of a healthy Aries. Make your voice heard! Overall, you will accomplish quite a lot of tasks, and have some fun while doing so!


Taurus, The Bull 

April 20-May 20

Feel free to show lots of creativity this month, Taurus! You have been working hard since the start of September, so it’s time to take a break and show your unique style, as your planet Venus is connecting with Pluto. You may be drawn to different forms of art and nature, or other things you don’t find yourself noticing. Enjoy this peaceful time while it lasts, Taurus, as Venus will be connecting with both Mars and Saturn soon, forcing hard-work and stress to come back into your life.


Gemini, The Twins

May 21-June 20

Lots of drama will come to you in October, Gemini一Just the way you like it. You might notice changes in your social life, but being the versatile twin you are, you probably won’t care. You’ll be more focused on sharing your fun and creative personality with friends and family. As your ruler Mercury enters Scorpio, you’ll become more intuitive than ever, taking charge in any conversation or argument. Make sure not to tire yourself out, though, as the approaching full moon can cause exhaustion. This month will overall be very fun and exhilarating, so be sure to enjoy it!


Cancer, The Crab

June 21-July 22

Let your emotions run wild this month, Cancer! As the Moon is your ruling planet, the full moon will have a great effect on you, increasing your traits greatly. As you enter Libra season, you may be focused on home and family. You may also show a great deal of hope and optimism, as Venus is passing by. When you enter Scorpio, you’ll feel a boost in your creativity一not that you’ll need it, of course. Try drawing a picture or making a craft. It may turn out better than you expected! On a different note, watch out for manipulators and egos, for they may bring bad things. Be smart and helpful as always, Cancer, and this month will be filled with fun!


Leo, The Lion

July 23-August 22

Although your season of Summer is long gone, October still brings more opportunities to draw attention to yourself. With Pluto passing over, you might find yourself with access to money or security. As much as you love being heard, try staying quiet and relaxed during this period of time, for it might be the last chance to do so in quite a while. As the full moon approaches, you might feel helpful or generous, especially to friends and family. Overall, Leo, you’re feeling confident, comfortable, grounded, and ready for your next adventure!


Virgo, The Virgin

August 23-September 22

This month is filled with hard-work, Virgo. Your moral compass will be as strong as ever, as Venus will be passing by. Be sure to make your own decisions, and don’t let anyone try to tell you otherwise. Your planetary ruler, Mercury, clashes with Pluto this month, which is exciting and frustrating. I’m excited for you, because you love nothing more than being let in on secrets; you’ll surely discover a few. Whenever we deal with Pluto, we know that shady, underhanded behavior is likely, so be careful. Don’t believe everything you hear, Virgo, because some people will say anything to get what they want. October should go very smoothly, Virgo!


Libra, The Scales

September 23-October 22

It’s your month to shine, Libra! You’re known to be kind and selfless, but as the sun travels through your sign, make sure to spoil yourself. You may not be used to such a thing, but you definitely deserve it. Venus, your ruling planet, will connect with many other planets this month. Your connections with Pluto and Mars will be very emotional, yet happy and exhilarating. You’ll find yourself filled to the brim with secrets, which is okay, since you are always one to be truthful. Overall, this month is a great time to look back and reflect on how far you’ve come, Libra. I hope you enjoy it!


Scorpio, The Scorpion

October 23-November 21

Your season begins this month, Scorpio! As both of your planetary leaders一Mars and Pluto一 connect this month, you will definitely feel a boost in self-esteem, as well as other traits. You might feel a need to socialize, which is something that you almost never do. But then again, with your birthday approaching, it’s great to be at the center of attention! Make sure to look out for lies or stressful communication. A hard conversation is likely, but if all parties can avoid head games and big egos, amazing transformations can result. Remember to relax as much as possible, Scorpio, for you really deserve it.


Sagittarius, The Archer

November 22-December 21

As Libra season arrives, it seems like the universe is encouraging you to spend time with friends, meet new people, and engage with your community. The hard-working earth sign, Virgo, will be making sure you’re accomplishing your set goals and ambitions, so don’t worry too much about upcoming projects in your life. The full moon this month will bring lots of emotion, and also a  sense of freedom. As you pass through Scorpio, you may gain a new perspective over life. Try listening to music or reading some books, as they may help you through this process. Remember Sagittarius, be smart. Be mindful of exaggerating, or embellishing, the information that’s coming your way!


Capricorn, The Sea Goat

December 22-January 19

The Sun is shining on the sector of your chart that rules worldly success and recognition, which couldn’t make you happierwe all know how taking over the world melts your ice-cold heart. Libra is known to be plenty emotional一and you, on the other hand, are not. Of course, every now and then you tend to unwind, and this month is perfect for doing so, with Venus passing over.  Take a moment to relax, free from your ambitions and work. Take as much time as you need一Your planetary ruler, Saturn, controls time, after all. Make sure to surround yourself with family and loved ones, as you may take them for granted a bit to often. This month, overall, should be quite enjoyable!


Aquarius, The Water-Bearer

January 20-February 18

Even though you get bored quite easily, Aquarius, October is sure to keep you well-occupied. As a full moon approaches, you will gain stronger emotions一even though you hardly have any already. News, which will make you want to break free from a confining situation, may arrive. Uranus is the planet of rebellion, so expect conversations that create change. A confrontation, which could lead to an unexpected change of mind, is possible, too. Uranus doesn’t care much about fitting in. Similarly, you’re never afraid to let your freak flag fly, Aquarius, and this October, you’ll surprise people with how shocking you can be, just in case they’ve forgotten!


 Pisces, The Fish

February 19-March 20

New changes come this month, Pisces! Expect opportunities to travel to come your way over the next year! Interacting with foreign people, or engaging in a long-distance project or study, is likely, too. As your ruler, Neptune, connects with Venus, you may start to feel a new sense of balance一that is Venus’s specialty, after all. When you pass through Scorpio, you’ll become very intuitive, always listening to your instincts. This is a good time to express your creativity一make something artsy! The month will finish off with lots of luck, as Jupiter connects with the Sun. Sit back, relax, and let things come you this October, Pisces.