Filmed TV Shows and Movies in San Pedro


Arianna Cau, Opinions Editor

You’re probably thinking “Nobody ever films in San Pedro.” Well get ready to be proven wrong. There have been a lot of movies and TV shows filmed in San Pedro and here is a few.

The Fosters: The Fosters is a TV show on Freeform that has to do with foster and adopted kids. They go to a school on the beach and if you look closely you can recognize it as our own Cabrillo Beach and the school is the Bathhouse.

La La Land:  La La Land is a musical about two people with very different lives in Los Angeles. In one of the scenes while the two main characters are walking in the park you can recognize the park is Averill Park.

Titanic: Titanic is a romance movie obviously about the Titanic. If you look closely at the pier you can recognize it as Pier 24. The S.S. Lane Victory is also there.

Charlie’s Angels: Charlie’s Angels is a movie about female spies that go on crazy missions. In one of the scenes there is an green bridge. If you take a closer look you can tell that it’s the Vincent Thomas Bridge.

Pirates of the Caribbean Series:The Pirates of the Caribbean movie series is said to have partially been filmed in our very own harbor. You can actually see it all over the internet. If you don’t already know Pirates of the Caribbean is a movie series about pirates all across the seven seas.

This is only a  handful of movies and TV shows out of many to have been filmed in our special homes.