Staff Spotlight: Mrs.Bologna, 7th Grade STEAM Teacher

Staff Spotlight: Mrs.Bologna, 7th Grade STEAM Teacher

Isabella Terzoli, Social Media Manager

Mrs.Bologna is a 7th grade STEAM history teacher here at Dana Middle School. This is the start of her 15th year teaching here at Dana. She used to teach at Millikan High School in Long Beach before teaching at Dana.

The college Mrs.Bologna went to was Cal State University-Dominguez Hills and there she got a bachelor degree, a major in history and a minor in political science.

Before becoming a teacher, Mrs.Bologna worked for the city at Cabrillo Beach. Mrs.Bologna’s favorite movie series is James Bond and her favorite book is  A Wrinkle in time.

Mrs.Bologna was a student at Dana in the late 1980’s. “I had a fun childhood, I often went camping and fishing with my dad,” states Mrs.Bologna.

“I met my best friend here at Dana and we are still friends today.  Who says middle school friendships don’t last!  They last, if you put some effort into them.  I played softball my 7th grade year, only for one year, but I did pick up again as an adult before I got married and had kids” Mrs.Bologna explains.

“When I was a student at Dana, my family owned a private airplane and my dad taught me how to fly.  Unfortunately, I didn’t try to get a pilots license, even though I could have,” Mrs.Bologna says.

Mrs.Bologna’s hobbies include: dirt bike riding, going to museums, camping, playing board games with her kids, and she loves to throw parties (special occasion parties), she loves to go all out with her decorations and food.

Mrs.Bologna has only ever taught history. “I teach history 1.) because it was the one thing I was good at in school, 2.) the history always seems to repeat itself and it seems we don’t always learn from our past mistakes, and 3.) new evidence is always turning up changing the way we learn about the past.” Mrs.Bologna says.

Her favorite grades to teach are 10th and 11th because it covers her two favorite time periods, the Cold War and World War II. These time periods are her favorite because many changes happen during this time, and new technologies were coming in at this time, she also felt everyone worked harder at this time and weren’t lazy-like they are now.

Mrs.Bologna has two children, one named Nico (who is 11) and one named Giada (who is 7). Nico attends the STEAM Magnet program here at Dana and Giada is in 2nd grade at 7th Street elementary school.