What Not to Wear for Halloween


Arianna Cau, Opinions Editor

Some people don’t know what to be for Halloween. Some are even second guessing their costumes. The most I can

do is tell you what not to wear.



This is the Madonna costume and I have no words. First of all, this is not Madonna, it’s not even close to even looking like Madonna, no crazy hair, nothing even signifying Madonna. Second of all, where are her shoes, if you look she is just wearing thin socks that are just for decoration, actually a lot of things are just for show. For example, the necklace is too long from the picture that I saw.


Black Cat

This is the most overdone costume out of every costume ever. Don’t know what to be, black cat. Don’t have much of imagination, black cat. The black cat costume is like the scapegoat for halloween. Hey, there’s a good idea be a goat instead of a black cat. And then there’s the fact that it gets oversexualized for girls and then young people who want to be a black cat end up basically a one piece swimsuit with a skirt.  I mean toddlers are the only ones with actual good costumes for this.

Taylor Swift

This is not only just on this list but this is just offensive. As you probably know, Taylor Swift has many different “phases”. She actually jokes about in her music video Look What You Made Me Do because people say she has so many different hers (Taylor Swift’s). And then people kick the joke into overdrive and dress up like one of her “phases” and then we get to the costumes. The only one that looks like a costume of her, is her during the Kanye West incident.  Others look like they just got some clothes and a wig together and said “I’m Taylor Swift!” I mean did you just do this to get an cute outfit or are you being serious. The costume has no real effort, except for the wig, and all you do is look pretty or hold up a cutout of a polaroid photograph  

Superheros and Villains

This is one of the most popular and overdone Halloween costumes out there. You can see everyone be a superhero or villain, your brother, your mom, your dad, and the infamous group costumes. The problem with these, like the black cat, is that they get oversexualized too much. You can see girls dress up as Superwoman and they look like they are wearing a party dress. Want to be the old Harley Quinn, you’re looking at a short dress instead of her jester suit.  And then there comes the probability. Superheros do not wear heels, or have frilly skirts, they get in the way so why not make an actual costume that actually looks like the superhero.


Well that’s the list. Which one do you think is the worst? I have to go for Madonna but you can pick whichever.