Dana Marching Band to Perform at Disneyland for the 21st Time!

Disneyland Showcases Dana Marching Band for the 21st Time!

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Dana Marching Band to Perform at Disneyland for the 21st Time!

Cole Bruhnke, Editor-in-Chief

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On Thursday, November 2, 2017 the Dana Marching Band will perform at Disneyland. This is the 21st time they will have been accepted through auditions to perform there since 2005. They are the only middle school in the school district of LAUSD to have been accepted this many times.

The march will start at 3:15 at Townsquare (at the front of the park), will proceed up Main Street, and will end at the ride “It’s a Small World”.

All performers will receive free admission and get to check out the park and go on the rides after the show. For some band members, this will be their first visit to Disneyland. Some have been before, but most haven’t performed there!

Lorenzo Barlow is a band member. He has been in the band since he came to Dana in his 6th grade year. Now he is the Drum Major. He says,“It’s a fun and memorable experience, and it helps the band in many ways.”

Every group that is a part of the “Disneyland Community Arts Showcase” has to audition to be picked. This means Dana has beat high school and middle school bands throughout Southern California as well as other musical groups to be entered.

The band is proud to represent Dana Middle School, and the students and staff of Dana are proud of them!

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