Thanksgiving DIY Crafts!


Anna Elliott, Staff Writer

Make this Thanksgiving extra fun with some neat DIY crafts you can do with your friends and family! You may have traditional decorations, but go outside of the box a little this year, maybe even make a turkey by hand.

    Recyclable Plate Turkey

Make this cute little guy to hang on your walls or fridge if you’re an overachiever with these few simple things

Materials: paper plates (size does not matter), colored construction paper, and multi-colored tissue paper.

This is one of my personal favorites and least expensive!

Fall Wreath

For this wreath you only need a few things, and some are optional!

    Materials: colored paper, a marker (optional), and some string or fabric.

    Wait, wait, wait. What about the pumpkins?!

    That’s right! You can keep them around after spooky time!

    Materials: green pipe cleaners, paper fasteners, and orange colored paper.

    Don’t forget to involve the corn!

    This corn is not edible take warning.

    Materials: brown pipe cleaner, and multi-colored beads.

    With all this food you may need something to help keep it clean.

    This placemat is easy, and fashionable.

Materials: colored paper and that’s all! Or if you’re another overachiever and want these to last, you can laminate them for multiple uses, for thanksgiving to come!