Attention Girls: D.U.E.L. Robotics needs you!

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Attention Girls: D.U.E.L. Robotics needs you!

Anna Elliott, Staff Writer

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Mr.Nesbitt, robotics teacher here at Dana, is creating an all girls D.U.E.L. underwater robotics team!

The 2016-2017 DUEL team.

This team was put together because, “-girls are just as important as guys in the engineering field. It’s important at a middle school level to show girls interested in engineering to them and the engineering world. It gives them a chance to work as an all girls team” said Mr. Nesbitt.

8th grade returning member Rhanya Cruz says “it’s a good opportunity to express power and to not depend on someone else, but more on each other and yourself. Come up with an idea, and execute it. New minds, new people.”

She also encourages other female students to join “ it’s really fun, though not easy. You go through failure, but the end product makes you want to do it more and succeed even better.”

Michella Infantozzi another 6th grader here hoping to join states “I think that an all girls team is cool, sometimes boys can be a little too rough and harsh with us.” She also encourages girls saying “Go girls!”

These are examples taken last year of what we work on.

Applications are open to all, check out for the applications, starting this month there will be tryouts, though applications are open to all, space on the teams are limited. Don’t worry boys, there’s a team for you too. Quick fact, due to “gender norms” in the 1950s and on, it was not acceptable ladies did the work of a guy, such as engineering, so nowadays there aren’t as many ladies in the field of work due to the “norm” carried out up until now. Until we change that.

Change is coming to Dana, and the robotics needs you! Especially the ladies!