2017 November Horoscopes

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2017 November Horoscopes

Alex Van Duyne, Staff Writer

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With a new month comes new predictions! Check out your Horoscope for the month of November:


Aries,  The Ram

March 21-April 19

This month will be particularly emotional and complicated, Aries. Try doing things in a different or unexpected way. On November 11, Saturn makes a connection with Uranus, which summed up, means that you can do with taking a risk or two. On November 17, Mercury connects with Mars and makes it a good day to talk with someone about your common goals, but 2 days later will be a more difficult day to connect with others. On November 22 the Sun enters Sagittarius. This is your time to expand your mind and explore!

Taurus, The Bull

April 20-May 20

This month will be about focusing on your partnerships, Taurus. You’ll be more busy than usual this month. The start of your month may have been easy for communication; Venus connects with Saturn. When Sagittarius season comes around at the end of the month, you’ll let go of the past and look more to the future. Even though you can be stubborn, this month you may break some bad habits. Venus will enter your opposite sign (Scorpio) and bring blessings to your relationships. Venus may be overwhelmed by these stronger emotions, meaning your relationships may get intense.

Gemini, The Twins

May 21-June 21

This month may be busy and have some drama, but support in your relationships as well, Gemini. There will be a lot of helpful energy in the air, but you’ll be sent some mixed signals when it comes to your social life. When Mercury connects with Mars (November 17) more straightforward communication will come your way, unlike when Mercury squares off with Neptune and confusion rises. On November 18, a new moon arrives in Scorpio. This is a great time to break an unhealthy habit or just take more care of your health in general.

Cancer, The Crab

June 22-July 23

This month will bring blessings and exciting moments, Cancer. The beginning of the month may seem very emotional and you’ll want freedom from the drama going on in your life. On November 18, when a new moon in Scorpio arrives, you’ll have a fresh start revolving around creativity and love. The day after that, you may notice that people are in an aggressive mood. On the bright side for communication, on November 25 Mercury connects with Uranus. Exciting conversations about career and public image may occur.  

Leo, The Lion

July 24-August 23

This month you may feel sensitive, but it’s also a supportive time for letting things go. The beginning of the month may seem busy. You might find a helpful conversation during this time, more specifically about a creative project. You’ll feel emotional because of the full moon. When the new moon in Scorpio comes on November 18, reconnecting with your family and home. It’s a good time to reflect on your safety and privacy. When Sagittarius season approaches on November 22, you’ll get back into your preferred good times and you’ll have more fun and express yourself in a creative way.

Virgo, The Virgin

August 24-September 22

This month may seem particularly complex and the beginning may seem very exhausting, Virgo. Venus and Saturn’s connection will help you with your finances and living situation, but some random issues might pop up as well. Even though you may feel exhausted, some philosophical breakthroughs may take place. Focusing on the big picture will help. When Sagittarius season approaches, you might want to connect more with your family and cleanse your home. At the end of the month you may encounter some more focused “eureka” moments with getting your life more organized

Libra, The Scales

September 23-October 22

This month is going to seem very busy and with the full moon you’ll be feeling a lot more sensitive, Libra. When Venus connects with Saturn you’ll find yourself receiving some helpful and reliable information and you’ll trust that people have good intentions. One of the luckiest days of the month for you may be November 13 when Venus meets Jupiter. When Mars squares off with Pluto, you might find yourself feeling more aggressive, so try to avoid any power struggles today. The end of the month will be more exciting, your mind will be much more focused, and you’ll approach the world more seriously.

Scorpio, The Scorpion

October 23-November 21

This month there will be some big changes and even some things being revealed, Since it’s your season, Scorpio, the atmosphere is dreamy and everyone will be carried through creativity and romance. On the other hand, nervousness and unexpected surprises may occur. The beginning of the month may seem really complicated when it comes to your emotions. When Venus meets Jupiter (November 13) you’ll may get very lucky and feel strongly about certain values but not have a great sense of communication. When the new moon in Scorpio arrives, connecting with yourself may bring you a happier, healthier rest of the month.

Sagittarius, The Archer

November 22-December 21

You’re always up for adventure, and many exciting things will happen this month, Sagittarius! But be careful, some unexpected social drama might stress you out. Self care and hanging out with responsible people is important at this time. On November 11, when Saturn connects with Uranus, you’ll feel supported to take a risk. However, when Venus connects with Jupiter you may be feeling lazy; this is where taking care of yourself is especially important. Sagittarius season will be starting on the 22th of this month, bringing you joy and the feeling of being reborn and ready to take on the world!

Capricorn, The Sea-Goat

December 22-January 19

The beginning of the month will seem very complicated but towards the end of the month you’ll be feeling stubborn and more grounded, Capricorn. On November 5, Mercury enters Jupiter making a great time to practice meditation and relax. When your ruling planet (Saturn) makes a connection with Uranus, making it a great time to take a risk or make some changes. When Mercury meets Saturn you’ll finally be more grounded again! Commitment will be on everyone’s mind and people will be in a more serious mood. You may not feel as focused however, because of Sagittarius season.

Aquarius, The Water Bearer

Jan 20-February 18

Your 2 ruling planets will connect this month, Aquarius! Towards the beginning of the month you’ll experience a lot of supportive and connecting energy. On November 5th, when Mercury enters Jupiter, and makes it a great time to look into what you want to do in the future or your dreams. When your 2 ruling planets (Saturn, Uranus) make a harmonious connection on November 11 you may hear some very important information or want to take some smart and reasonable risks. The end of the month is also quite exciting; you may hit a big eureka moment or meet some new people.

Pisces, The Fish

February 19-March 20

This month will bring excitement and the Sun is in Scorpio, a fellow water sign, Pisces. Towards the beginning of the month when Venus connects with Saturn, you’ll be more stabilized around your public image. Sagittarius season is approaching soon, so you’ll find yourself thinking more about finding yourself and what path you’re on. When the new moon in Scorpio comes on November 18, you may want to think about travelling and reconnecting with school.  Towards the very end of the month, you might want to reflect on your self care, because you might be feeling sensitive.