Gifts for Geeks, Nerds and Everything in Between


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Chistmas Presents

Maria Seiple, A&E Editor

With the holiday season fast approaching and the stress of getting gifts beginning to set in we all need a helpful guide to get the best gifts for all your unique friends. So here you have gifts for Geeks, Nerds, and everything in between.


Geeks: Oh boy, any video game would be good, but if you want to challenge yourself I would say get them a gift that breaks boundaries. For instance, the Dragon ear piece featured below is a great gift for any geek.

Thespian: Ah the theater, the perfect inspiration for any gift. With options like decal pillows, posters, and weird shower curtains I would recommend picking something along the lines of a “insert musical here‘ t-shirt.  

  Dork: Dorks are subtle strangers and love subtle gifts , yet presentation is everything and remember you can’t go wrong with a soda fridge.

Fandomania: With so many fandoms out there it’s hard to choose, but most fandomaniacs are part of almost all major fandoms, (except twilight. Never twilight) so it’s best to be creative, think of something from the fandom and try to make gift that is memorable. Or you can buy something like this “Harry Potter” acceptance letter or “Lord of the 

Rings” Ring of Power.

Weeaboo: What do you get when you introduce Americans to Japaneses anime, I’ll tell you it’s Weeaboos. Of course any reference to any anime will make a great gift for any Weeaboo. So try a Attack on titans Cape, or Kaneki mask.

Disney fan: Disney is a place where wishes come true. So grant the wish of your friend and get them the disneyland spirit in the form of knick knacks and fluffy friends. A perfect gift is any form of stitch, for you can’t go wrong with stitch.

Musician, We all have those friends that rage if you sing a single lyric wrong or freak if you don’t know their favorite band. So to deal with those who are obsessed get them the newest in music.

Book worm, while most people hate reading, their are the golden few who read whenever they get the chance. Any book will make them happy, but to go the extra mile you should get a book from their favorite genre.

Comic fan, Comic fans love comics, and it’s only a matter of figuring out which is their favorite to find the perfect gift. Marvel, DC, Manga or any other form of comic splendor will make the person in questions wish comes true.

Nerd: Now nerds are studious, brainiacs, and true geniuses. Get them a gift that makes them work their enormous brains. Such as experiment kits, model kits, and other scientific gadgets.

Hoping this list helped you with whatever gift giving struggles you are suffering from.