Metro/Lime Bikes Making Their Mark in San Pedro

Metro/Lime Bikes Making Their Mark in San Pedro

Emerson Marquez, Staff Writer

Lime bikes are here and they seem to be taking over San Pedro, because wherever you look there’s going to be that vibrant green and yellow bike looking right back at you.

From Ports O’ Call to Cabrillo and even at Dana, you see them. If you have never ridden these bikes it just takes a couple of easy steps. The first thing you have to do is download the free app, then find a bike nearby,  unlock the bike with a bar code on your phone and start riding anywhere. When you finish pull down the lock and you’re done.

Also, these lime bikes have  a couple of cool features such as anti-theft, with adjustable seats and a smart lock and GPs to stop theft. They also  have a basket with a solar panel, airless tires, rear and front lights and durable stand.

All of this only costs $1 for every 30 minutes and if you ride them a lot then you can get a Lime Prime which is $29.95 per month with 100 rides.

Recently, I have ridden these bikes around Cabrillo up too the Point Fermin Market and the trip was amazing and pretty easy. I picked it up at the pier, looped around to the salt marsh,  then made my way up to the Point Fermin Market and once I reached the end all I had to do was pull down the lock on the bike and I was done.

Besides the lime bikes, there are the new Metro bikes that range from Cabrillo to the Catalina ferry terminal. But these bikes are different from the lime bikes for a couple reasons. The first one being you can’t leave them anywhere, you have to leave them in the 8 provided stations in San Pedro. You buy these bikes by going to one of the stations and paying $3.50 for every 30 minutes or you can also buy a pass. Another negative with the metro bikes you have to be 16 years or older to ride them.

In all, these bikes are great for traveling around San Pedro and seeing the beauty of our city from the intricate design of the aquariums, architecture, to the amazing views from the Korean bell.