Pixar vs. DreamWorks: The Animation Rivalry


Paul Armendariz, Staff Writer

When it comes down to 3D animation, Pixar and DreamWorks stand out the most. Both businesses are usually neck and neck with each other, releasing multiple movies every year. Of course the same debatable question appears constantly: Which is better?

  Everyone has their own opinion on this matter, supplying it with factual evidence. Personally, I like both companies equally. But to figure out which has more popularity, lets list some factual pros and cons of Pixar and DreamWorks.

 First off: Pixar. Pixar was formed in 1986, and bought by Disney in 2006. In total, it has released 19 CGI films, Ratatouille being the best reviewed. Pixar has also been nominated for the Best Animated Feature Oscar many times, and has won most of them.

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 When asked which out of the two is superior, Pixar is usually the prominent answer. Their movies are more well-known, and are enjoyed by both children and adults. Their stories also typically have more morals, and can be really dramatic and heart-wrenching.

 On the other hand, Pixar has a bad reputation with making sequels and remakes. Movies like Cars and Toy Story are long-running franchises, and have a bit too many sequels. People are starting to suspect that they’re running out of ideas, or just making the sequels for more cash. Of course, not all sequels are badーI mean, who’s not looking forward to The Incredibles 2? And Pixar also makes a variety of new movies. (Coco, anyone?) It’s just that people would probably prefer more new movies to more sequels.

  Now, to DreamWorks. Dreamworks was founded in 1995. It is known to release big hit after big hit. With their hit movie, Shrek, they are now referred to as the “House that Shrek Built” by a lot of people. DreamWorks has made at least 34 movies, it’s latest being The Boss Baby. It has also been nominated for many awards, but has not won as many as Pixar.

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  DreamWorks may not be the top choice for most people, but it has many loyal supporters. They have created TONS of original movies, such as Rise of the Guardians or The Croods. DreamWorks also has many more movies than Pixar, even though it was founded nine years after.

  Now to cons. While DreamWorks does have some great original movies, some films definitely aren’t that appealing. I’m sure everyone can agree that The Bee Movie was really dumb and pointless (except for memes, obviously). And their newest film, The Boss Baby, wasn’t exactly great compared to movies such as Kung Fu Panda or Madagascar. Basically, my point is that just because a movie is “original” doesn’t mean it will be good.

   When asked which animation company they prefer, 8th Grader Maria Seiple launched into why Pixar is the alpha: “Pixar is better because it doesn’t just participate in dumb gags or dumb jokes, but rather breaks certain emotional boundaries. Pixar makes movies that are incredible, tasteful, and draw a real reaction from audiences. Pixar will always be better.”

  Many people here at Dana prefer DreamWorks to Pixar instead. When asked which movie is their favorite, the majority responded with Shrek.

 In the end, both businesses produce amazing movies, and are well respected. But, of course, you have your own opinion on which is better! Please feel free to vote on the poll below.

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